February 2019 Newsletter

In this issue: 

Russell Brand by Eva Rinaldi flickr commerical use adj cropped

Review of New Scientific Article in Psychological Reports: “Reduction of PTSD in South African University Students Using Transcendental Meditation Practice.”

Co-author  of New Study and Chairman of Institute that Employed Transcendental Meditation for the Study Explains How TM Transformed the Students.

Popular New Age Website, OM TimesFeatures Article “Russell Brand: I am an Addict” (After clicking the link, scroll down the page to locate the article.)


TM reduced PTSD

On February 19, the scientific journal Psychological Reports published a study showing that Transcendental Meditation is rapid and effective at reducing PTSD in students.  Click here to read the summary, link to the journal article, and see which world-wide press have written about this 14th study on TM and PTSD reduction.

Richard Peyke ge adj


Co-author on New Study Talks about the Study and the Effects on the Students who learned Transcendental Meditation.

Russell Brand by Eva Rinaldi flickr commerical use adj cropped

Om Times features article Russell Brand: I am an addict.”  The comedian explains how Transcendental Meditation helps end addiction. (Scroll down the page to find the article.)
The article is also located here.,

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