“Armenian Weekly” posts article on ArmeniaRecoveryNow outreach to war-torn Armenians

Good news! 

We are very pleased to announce that ArmeniaRecoveryNow started the new year by publishing a concise overview of the remarkable progress of our team to date. 

Please see the English version of the report here

We are grateful for the opportunity to post our report on a widely read site where it can reach a broad audience, building awareness and making a strong case for much-needed funding. 

As we expand our efforts in Armenia, we continue to seek out the best ways to promote this unique humanitarian project in the Armenian diaspora and across like-minded audiences in the TM and health care communities.

We have many exciting projects in development and look forward to getting more good news out to you soon.

Click this link to read the original English version of   “Bringing peace of mind to war-torn Armenia.”

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